Enterprise Analytics


Enterprise Analytics

Why Enterprise Analytics?

Your enterprise solutions capture every aspect of your day to day business, use this intelligence to report and predict success. Our data scientists will work with your team to get the most of your enterprise investments and enable you to build a comprehensive and scalable reporting strategy as well as build predictive analytics that delivers the competitive advantage that your business needs to achieve or maintain a market leading position.

In today’s changing and dynamic data driven culture...

Increase your time to benefit and leverage right sized BI solution to operationalize decision support.

Who, What, When and Why...
  • Can you get to the data when you need to?
  • Can you build and share information with each other?
  • How easy is it to share information outside the organization?
  • Tracking success of people and the organization
    • What kind of data does your organization need today?
    • Can people measure their own performance?
    • How fast can your business react?
  • What kind of data do the current applications maintain?
    • Financial, customer, HR, products, orders, etc.
  • Accessibility of the data
    • How difficult is it to get to the desired data from different applications?
    • What tools are used to gather data?
  • Missing key information
    • Does the data support the business’ reporting objectives?
    • What is the data you are really trying to obtain?
  • Time to compile
    • What is the average length of time to compile data?
    • Is data still valid by the time you get it?
Transactional Analytics

Our team will enable you to leverage on demand information to increase efficiency with the right information at the right time:

  • Accurate status on inventory
  • Accurate status on order fulfillment
  • Accurate status on change orders
  • Accurate status on sales orders
  • Accurate status on delivery to customers
  • Accurate status on suppliers
  • Effective use of PKI's
  • Effective collaboration with business partners
  • Eliminate data silos and enable enterprise wide self service reporting.
Predictive Analytics

Our team will enable you to leverage both structured and unstructured data to build predictive analytics allowing you to stay ahead of the competition and ensure customer satisfaction in a changing world.

Our data scientist will ensure that we capture all data sources that have an impact on your business. Focusing on the correct approach for data integration, data cleansing and the key factors that differentiate you in the market. PCG will provide you with the ability to ask questions tomorrow that did not exist today.

PCG places the power of analytics in the hands of your business users to leverage structured and unstructured data for effective decision making.

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