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PCG is the leader in delivering business sustainability and Industry 4.0 to businesses around the world through our leadership, experience, technology, skill and partnership with leading technology platform companies.



PCG is a trusted provider of tailored end-to-end IT solutions that consistently and predictably deliver business sustainability. PCG is a company built on relationships, partnerships and experiences. We offer a single point of accountability. With the technical expertise of highly trained engineers, we have tremendous resources and capabilities in place to care for each and every aspect of a customer’s technology environment—from the back office to edge apps to the cloud and across the entire supply and demand chain.  Whether it’s enterprise application cloud and hosting solutions or enterprise application (ERP) implementation and management, we are your partner in your success.


Our customers tell us that our hands-on approach and single point of accountability is our distinctive difference. We have a dedicated team of employees who are committed to delivering best-in-class technology solutions. We hire the best. We retain the best. We invest in our employees, support their efforts to attain certifications in many areas, and team up with top industry leaders. (e.g., Infor, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.).

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Focus on creating sustainable businesses
Seasoned, proven business leaders
Hands-on, strict accountability
Dedicated team of employees
Best-in-class delivery
World-leading technology knowledge
We hire the best so you have the best
We invest in people and certifications
Proven cradle-to-grave capability



Lead customers to new advantage
Lead IT projects to predictable outcomes
Deliver digital transformation value
Accelerate ERP success and benefit
Bring innovative solutions to problems
Make sense of technology options
Make the cloud easy
Make complexity easy to understand
Rescue problem IT projects



CPG / Retail
Financial Services
Food & Beverage
High Technology
Hospitality / Gaming
Life Sciences / Healthcare
Public Sector
Warehouse Distribution


Very High Technology Project Success Rate
Highest Customer Satisfaction Rating
#1 Baan/LN Implementation Company
Leading INFOR Implementation Partner
NETSUITE Implementation Partner
Microsoft Implementation Partner


Business Experience
Technical Expertise
Focus and Dedication
Business Orientation
Process Innovation
Digital Transformation Value
Real-world Experience
Repeated Success
Pragmatic Approach
Predictable Results
Great People to Work With

Leading PCG to Be the Best

Adam Combs

Adam Combs


Adam has served as an entrepreneur and a member of executive management for over the past 15 years, with the purpose of building businesses and delivering value to clients, employees and shareholders.

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He loves to help drive business and strategy, and has been a leader in business and technology. His greatest satisfaction is to invest in the success of companies and individuals, and connecting people with the solutions they are seeking, that will serve them the best. It has always been my privilege to help others, whether it be as an owner, investor, small company advisor, mentor, or simply to be a friend or helping hand. My greatest honor has been to start help start the careers of bright young talent. I count it as an honor and a blessing to serve others, and provide in whatever way that will be of the most benefit.

Sylvain Thauvette

Sylvain Thauvette

Managing Partner

A graduate of HEC Montréal, Sylvain has worked in the business and technology consulting industry for over 25 years. His responsibilities have ranged from Consultant to Global Project Manager to Principle to CEO and Owner. 

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Before PCG, Sylvain was CEO at Business & Decision (B&D) North America for 11 years. As CEO he took the company from startup to $50M in revenue to become the largest independent Baan/LN consulting company in the world. Prior to B&D, Sylvain spent 5 years as the Managing Director of the consulting division of Flextronics Enterprise Solution.
Brandin Beers

Brandin Beers

Managing Partner, SVP - Sales

Brandin Beers is the SVP of Sales for PCG. With more than 20 years of experience in complex sales and over ten years in ERP, Mr. Beers provides a strong backbone for PCG and its customers by bridging the gap between

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the PCG leadership and customer leadership.  Brandin’s industry expertise include automotive, aerospace & defense, high technology and electronics, industrial equipment and wholesale distribution. He has extensive experience in the areas of ERP, supply chain and change management across the technology industry from green field to well established private organizations.

Mr. Beers joined PCG in 2007 serving as a sales rep from 2007 through 2016.  Brandin has extensive experience in manufacturing, software solution implementations and solution development and deployment.  In 2016 Brandin assumed the role as SVP of Sales for PCG, continuing to expand the footprint within existing customers and expanding PCG into new industries and customers.  Mr. Beers leads our expanding sales team focused on providing a wide range of business sustainability solutions from on-premise to cloud, including hybrid models.

List of customers that Mr. Beers has been involved with are:

  • Greif
  • Solar Turbines, A Caterpillar Company
  • Andersen
  • Benchmark Electronics
  • Meyn
  • Boeing
  • Miller Industries
  • L3 Communications
  • ELCAN, A Raytheon Company
  • Luminar
  • TRC
  • ABSG
Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson

Sr. Vice President

Peter Jackson is Vice President of Infor Services for Providence Consulting Group (PCG). Mr. Jackson joined PCG in 2010 with an extensive background in manufacturing, software solution implementation and system solutions development.

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Mr. Jackson is primarily responsible for overseeing and implementing key measures and strategies in Professional Services to increase the level of service provided to PCG’s customers. From implementation to training and system upgrades, Mr. Jackson and his team pride themselves on being responsive, available, and proactive to PCG customers’ short-term and long-term needs. With more than 25 years of manufacturing and technology experience, Mr. Jackson has a proven track record of taking the customer experience to new levels of productivity and profitability. As a strong leader and communicator, Mr. Jackson specializes in understanding and leveraging industry experience, automotive, Aero & Defense, High Tech and industrial equipment manufactures opportunities for the benefit of his customers. He has extensive experience in the areas of ERP, supply chain & change management in the technology industry from ‘greenfield’ to well established private organizations

We Keep Good Company

Our Partnerships & Success

Infor Alliance Partners are recognized leaders within the enterprise service and technology market with established business practices and solutions designed to help companies improve their business and operational efficiency.

Infor and PCG share tactical and strategic plans, working together at the planning, design, and operational levels to ensure our combined products and services leverage each other, delivering the greatest value to our customers—just like you.

PCG is recognized as among the best of the Infor Alliance Partners.

NetSuite Alliance Partners like PCG provide business transformation, integration and implementation services that help you realize more value from your NetSuite software. PCG are experts in their field with a deep and unique understanding of NetSuite solutions.

PCG has achieved the highest tier level earned through a rigorous set of certifications across multiple products, number of implementation consultants, quality customer satisfaction and commitment to providing superior solutions for NetSuite customers.

PCG is recognized as a leader among NetSuite Alliance Partners.

Simple digital and business transformation isn't good enough any more.

Today's businesses must be be sustainable and Industry 4.0 enabled.

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