Rapid, Economical
Technology Deployment

Business technology implementation the way you want it to be. Built around your unique requirements, you go from idea to production in the least time and cost possible.


Making business technology deployment easy, fast and effective.

Traditionally small and medium enterprises have been unable to have all the benefits and advantages of a modern, enterprise-class business platform due to cost, complexity and disruption to ongoing operations.

VELOCITY changes all this.

PCG VELOCITY solves the challenges faced by SME businesses when considering industrial-strength ERP through delivering the right technology, scaled to meet the requirements, timelines and budgets of small and medium businesses.

With VELOCITY, SME businesses get the advantages of:

  • Increased business agility to meet the ever-changing demands of the market and customers
  • Better control and insight to improve the business
  • The ability to grow as they need to

VELOCITY does this by bringing to every project:

  • Pre-defined industry business models
  • Proven, agile implementation roadmaps
  • Best-in-class cloud-based ERP technologies
  • Technical and user support
  • Testing as a service for ongoing optimization

Get the best of everything for your SME business with VELOCITY!


  • Collaboration to meet your needs
  • Unified, trusted information
  • Advanced analytics and AI
  • Supply chain transparency
  • Mobility and security
  • Reporting tools
  • Inventory management
  • Extensibility to 3rd party applications
  • Industry best practices
  • Better governance and compliance
  • Best-practice processes
  • World-class infrastructure and scalability



A flexible and adaptable path to customer success for businesses of all sizes, shapes and statges of maturity.

Netsuite SuiteSuccess has become a gold-standard in quickly and effectively connecting business requirements to technology platform value.

Sometimes, though, businesses may need more direct, hands-on help in implementing Netsuite, or there may be more complex requirements, or a project may need skills and resources not readily available to a Netsuite customer.

VELOCITY for NetSuite solves these challenges.

PCG’s VELOCITY for NetSuite extends SuiteSuccess by recognizing that not all SuiteSuccess requirements and configuration outcomes are the same. And that some customer situations warrant additional services to optimize their SuiteSuccess Edition and user adoption in their business environment.

With VELOCITY™ for NetSuite businesses get the advantages of:

1. Skill and Approach Flexibility

  • Highly skilled and experienced resources
  • Ability to translate your business processes to configuration elements
  • Methods to migrate data from complex legacy systems
  • On-site options when remote configuration just won’t do

2. Value and Benefit Realization

  • Personalized orientation and training
  • End-to-end options for performance optimization and Release testing
  • Recognizing the right time to “Unlock the Suite” for the greatest value

    Get the best of SuiteSuccess and more with VELOCITYfor NetSuite!

    VELOCITY for NetSuite Benefits—

    • Smoother business and technology migrations
    • Budget predictability based on Netsuite prepackaged scenarios
    • Higher user acceptance
    • Reliable Netsuite operational disciplines
    • Accelerated Netsuite value realization
    • Better system utilization and optimization
    • Enabling an Industry 4.0 foundation for your business

    We get it. ERP implementation projects can be expensive, time consuming and disruptive. We’ve solved this dilemma and bring predictable, packaged and affordable implementation options.


    VELOCITY makes modern ERP work for all businesses and extends the power of SuiteSuccess for NetSuite-based businesses.

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