Performance Testing as a Service

Take the mystery and performance hiccups out of new releases or upgrades. Test business technology before it is put into production to keep your business up and running at its best.

Testing 4.0

PCG’s Testing as a Service

Businesses run on technology such as ERP, information management and reporting, analytics, the cloud and many edge applications for added functionality. Combined, these bring to business speed, flexibility and adaptability, integration and responsiveness and the ability to operate better.

When the technology and applications are running properly, the solution accelerates business and new opportunity. When it’s not running, the business slows down or comes to a stop. This isn’t a good thing.

Technology and application providers are constantly updating their platforms, information, features and functions and integrations to other applications. This is especially true for cloud-based platforms and applications. These upgrades often go unnoticed and smoothly…. and sometimes they don’t, which can lead to catastrophic outcomes.

PCG quickly and effectively delivers version upgrade peace of mind. PCG solves the version upgrade dilemma to help businesses ERP systems remain the solution and accelerator they need.

Testing as a Service (the new TaaS), only from PCG, solves the version upgrade dilemma to help ERP systems remain the solution by enabling businesses to assess, test, validate, document, train and rollout new platform, ERP, edge application and integration version upgrades with ease.

PCG’s Testing as a Service is a process and suite of methods and tools that ensure the version upgrade you take doesn’t hold your business back.

PCG TaaS Benefits—

  • Knowing the upgrade meets your requirements
  • Keeping your ERP functioning well after the upgrade
  • Identifying and solving issues before they’re problems
  • Understanding upgrade risks before you upgrade
  • Having the right testing strategy to meet business needs
  • Getting your users up and running faster
  • Data migration with integrity and accuracy
  • Documentation for upgrade auditing
  • Improved change management and version control compliance
  • Certifications and training, as needed
  • Best-in-class, simplified processes
  • Deep, rich, proven skill and experience to ensure success


Keeping these Platforms Performing at their Best.

PCG ensures that your technolgy never stands in the way of running the business.

Traditional version upgrade testing and rollout can lead to unpredictable and, sometimes, business-threatening results.


Testing as a Service makes sure platforms and applications are sustainable before, during and after upgrades.

PCG TaaS is the only predictable testing solution.

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