Sustainable Support Services

Enterprise business technology platform, functional and operational support that keeps your business open for business and your people productive.

Supporting Business Sustainability

PCG makes sure your technology platform investments pay off for years to come. PCG assures users the very best experience in understanding, integration and results from new functionality and information. PCG ensures your business maximizes the value and performance you expect from digital and business transformation. PCG brings support with an end-to-end value added approach:

  • Customers and users are fully empowered
  • Technology optimally performs
  • Information and processes are protected
  • Problems are quickly and expertly resolved
  • Change management is accurate and quick
  • Business and technology alignment is assured


Our SUSTAINABILITYSUPPORT services are a full, robust and proven suite of services to ensure your platform decision continues to meets your requirements with no surprises:

  • Fast, consistent innovation adoption
  • Seamless end-to-end business support
  • Best business results from digital frameworks
  • Extended value from technology investments
Trust PCG to bring operational excellence, focus and a single-point of accountability to business and technology performance.


PCG Support Services

PCG brings a full suite of support services for Infor, NetSuite Industry 4.0-based businesses and to assure digital transformation success. Each support solution is a result of decades of hands-on industry, business, process, project and product experience.

Each of the five tabbed areas, below, describe the support services PCG offers to businesses—from support strategies through ongoing maintenance and optimization of your technical environment.

Strategies for Long-term Infor, NetSuite and Industry 4.0 Sustainability:

  • Access Management Strategies
  • Component Upgrade Strategies
  • Data Migration/Restore Strategies
  • Ongoing Change Management Strategies
  • System Administration and User Management Strategies
  • Security Strategies
  • Audit & Governance Strategies
  • Help Desk/Ticket Strategies

Implementing Your Infor, NetSuite and Industry 4.0 Sustainability:

  • PCG Technical Support Integration and Implementation
  • Access Management Implementation
  • Component Upgrade Process Implementation
  • Data Migration/Restore Process Implementation
  • Ongoing Change Management Process and Tools Implementation
  • System Administration and User Management Process Implementation
  • Security Implementation
  • Audit, Governance and Policy Implementation
  • Help Desk/Ticket Process and Escalation Implementation

Monitoring Your Infor, NetSuite and Industry 4.0 Sustainability:

  • IT Services Management (ITSM)
  • KPI Creation, Oversight and Reporting
  • ERP Health Check
  • Business Health Check
  • Log Management and Reporting
  • File System and Directory Oversight
  • Upgrade/Patch/Fix Testing & Promotion

Measuring Your Infor, NetSuite and Industry 4.0 Sustainability:

  • IT Services Management (ITSM)
  • ERP Upgrade Performance Measurement
  • Access Management Upgrade Outcomes
  • Update/Fix/Patch Performance Measurement
  • Operating System Performance
  • License Management and Compliance
  • ERP Business Analyst Support
  • ERP Help Desk

Optimizing Your Infor, NetSuite and Industry 4.0 Sustainability:

  • IT Services Management (ITSM)
  • RDMS Optimization
  • Functional and Process Optimization
  • SaaS and On-Prem Environment Optimization
  • Configuration Optimization
  • Audit Optimization
  • Backup/Disaster Recovery Process Optimization
  • Solutions, Functionality, Platform, Performance Improvement Recommendations

Realize the best in business and digital transformation.

Ensure your platform, users and customer succeed.

Engage in continuous business sustainability improvement.


The technology is only half the solution. The other half is high-performance support from PCG.

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