Automotive Sustainability

Increase your pace of innovation, collaborate more, get a handle on complex supply chain networks, overcome inefficient and complex processes and be the Industry 4.0 automotive leader.

Industry Sustainability.

Your industry is unique. Its requirements demand specific experience, skill and knowledge to maximize your business sustainability.

PCG specializes in your industry, building upon a track record of successful, predictable digital and business transformation for businesses just like yours.

Ensure that you achieve business sustainability that drives your business advantage and value forward to new levels. Choose PCG and our SUSTAINABILITYPCG Solutions designed around your industry and business.

PCG Sustainability—

  • Best-in-class industry knowledge.
  • Proven business process experience.
  • Expert resources from your industry.
  • Application platforms purpose built for your industry.
  • Global industry footprint brings skill where you need it.
  • Complete business and industry lifecycle approach.
  • Accurate technology alignment to industry uniques.
  • Tight OEM vendor relationship for your benefit.

PCG Unique Solutions—

  • Industry 4.0 for Distribution
  • Rapid Deployment Methodology

Sustainability for—

  • OEMs/SVs
  • Tire Suppliers
  • Automotive OEMs
  • Specialty Vehicles
  • Aftermarket Parts & Services
  • Automotive Suppliers


  • Offer a unique product experience
  • Improve customer experiences
  • APQP, MMOG and revision control
  • Optimize the supply chain
  • Reduce operational complexity


With PCG’s automotive experience and our SUSTAINABILITYPCG Solutions, you’re ready to meet market requirement and demand, head on.

You achieve business sustainability with ready-to-run technology solutions, expertise and knowledge built specifically to meet the needs of automotive suppliers, through deep, proven capabilities in key areas such as product and program management, supply chain and procurement, manufacturing production, quality, and global finance.

  • Increase the pace of innovation
  • Collaborate better with suppliers and customers
  • Manage complex product launches with supply chain collaboration and end-to-end quality management
  • Overcome inefficient and complex shop-floor and warehouse processes
  • Prepare more effectively for skill shortages
  • Supply chain bottlenecks, and business risks with planning and forecasting intelligence tools
  • Meet aggressive customer timelines


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