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Sustainability as a Service is the intersection of the cloud and business technology in an “always on” environment.

Step up to the newest SaaS that delivers the performance you need.

Sustainability as a Service.

Business sustainability and running a business in the cloud are the new normal for businesses today. The cloud is particularly valuable because it provides access to full function applications at a reasonable cost, without substantial operating expenditure for hardware and software. Using the correct cloud option, a business can rapidly scale as the market or customer requires or a new company is added.

Sustainability as a Service, from PCG, enables a company to run in the cloud at the scale and pace that the business requires. Coupled with our SUSTAINABILITYPCG Solutions, a company’s accounting, operations management and reporting to run in the cloud—fully secure, with high-performance, leading-edge management and the flexibility and adaptability to meet the most demanding requirements.

PCG’s Sustainability as a Service cloud-based solution is based on technology platforms that vary significantly in their technology, functionality and service. We’ve done the heavy lifting of vendor evaluation to understand that all have few things in common beyond hosting of an application and utilizing the internet to provide connectivity whether public or private.

PCG SaaS Benefits—

  • Flexible technology platform options
  • Deep, functionally rich solution choice.
  • Scalable and flexible deployment alternatives.
  • Tight alignment of business requirements and platform delivery
  • Multi-vendor SaaS benefit and value.
  • Right-sized licensing for best budget outcomes
  • Extensible from back office to shop floor to edge application
  • Go at your pace and budget (on-premise, hybrid, full cloud).
  • Best-in-class, simplified business processes.
  • Deep, rich, proven skill and experience to ensure success.


The New Infor SaaS.

  • A fully unified user experience
  • Easy scalability to meet business need
  • Networked analytics and business intelligence
  • Intelligent digital assistants for advice/feedback
  • Multi-step process and task automation
  • Extensible, broad business process integration
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Built-in collaboration for greater productivity
  • Multi-platform device portability
  • Fully automated management, security and update

PCG SaaS on Infor CloudSuite/Infor OS brings you industry-leading solution suites backed by decades of practical application. Infor CloudSuite is continuously enhanced with the latest innovations, from mobile access and social technologies to industry-driven analytics.

Infor CloudSuite/InforOS has complete industry suites and associated processes for the cloud spanning from the front office to critical functions.

Regardless if you implement new or decide to migrate to the cloud, Infor CloudSuite/Infor OS offers the flexibility that will fit your business needs and culture.

Sustainability as a Service, based on Infor CloudSuite/Infor OS, is only available from PCG.


  • An enterprise platform for any business
  • Ability to meet complex functional, industry or functional need
  • Solve the biggest business challenges
  • Have unified business insights based on a single solution
  • Accelerate global expansion
  • Innovation like a startup with the discipline of a mature enterprise
  • Unlock shareholder value
  • Drive your business forward

Streamline your business processes with PCG’s Sustainability as a Service Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud, built on Oracle|NETSUITE through:

  • Powerful and high-performance financials
  • Better procure to pay procurement processes
  • Improved project portfolio management and more

You leverage the power of Oracle|NETSUITE cloud solutions to:

  • Increase business and individual productivity
  • Lower the cost of business
  • Improve controls
  • Increase business velocity to meet new demand

PCG’s Oracle|NETSUITE Cloud Service option includes:

  • Revenue Management Cloud
  • Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud
  • Project Financial management Cloud
  • Project Management Cloud
  • Procurement Cloud
  • Risk management Cloud
  • Integrated Cloud

Traditional Software as a Service solves technology problems and is only a half solution.


Sustainability as a Service solves business challenges.
PCG SaaS is the only complete business solution.

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