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PCG is the multiple-year winner of NETSUITE Vertical Alliance Partner of the Year award!

You’ve made or are about to make a significant investment in the NetSuite platform. Make sure you match your world-class ERP and enterprise application choice with industry-leading and world-class business consulting, technology planning, implementation and integration, management and optimization experience and skill.

That’s PCG.

Our global consulting, implementation and support services team knows NetSuite like few others. Our practical, hands-on and fully accountable approach, coupled with deep business process success, ensure that your NetSuite investment delivers to requirement and meets or exceeds business expectation.

PCG turns your NetSuite digital transformation into business sustainability for increased business velocity and creative innovation to business challenges—allowing you to lead and adapt to markets.

Enable and extend NetSuite for enhanced business value contribution and advantage with PCG. We ensure you get more out of your NetSuite investment than any other company you might work with, including NetSuite!


  • Business consulting and transformation strategies
  • Vendor evaluation and product selection
  • Implementation roadmaps and planning
  • Impact analysis and project planning
  • Full advisory, PMO and project leadership
  • Alignment of technology to requirement
  • On-time and on-budget projects
  • Integration to 3rd party applications and information
  • Customer lifecycle orientation for maximum benefit


  • Manufacturing
    • Aerospace/Defense
    • Medical Devices
    • Commercial
    • Pharma
  • Warehouse Distribution
    • General
    • Appliance Parts
    • Floral
    • Chemicals

PCG NetSuite Services

You’ve chosen NetSuite for your technology platform. PCG has a comprehensive suite of services to assure your NetSuite-based business and digital transformation success. Each service is a result of decades of hands-on industry, business, process, project and product experience.

Each of the four tabbed areas, below, describe the services PCG offers to NetSuite-based businesses—from planning through ongoing support of your environment.

Establishing Your NetSuite Platform Strategy & Direction:

  • ERP Selection
  • ERP Assessment & Roadmaps
  • Business Impact Analysis Studies
  • Change Management Strategies
  • Solution Architecture Strategies
  • Strategies for Existing Solution Migration
  • Business and Enterprise Optimization

Establishing NetSuite Support Strategies:

  • Access Management Strategies
  • Component Upgrade Strategies
  • Data Migration/Restore Strategies
  • Ongoing Change Management Strategies
  • System Administration and User Management Strategies
  • Security Strategies
  • Audit & Governance Strategies
  • Help Desk/Ticket Strategies

Constructing Your Sustainable NetSuite Platform:

  • ERP Solution Development
  • ERP Implementation
  • ERP Deployment & Rollout
  • ERP Functional and Information Integration
  • ERP Solution Upgrade(s)
  • ERP Technical Platform Migration(s)
  • Technical Support and User Education

Constructing Sustainable NetSuite Support:

  • PCG Technical Support Integration and Implementation
  • Access Management Implementation
  • Component Upgrade Process Implementation
  • Data Migration/Restore Process Implementation
  • Ongoing Change Management Process and Tools Implementation
  • System Administration and User Management Process Implementation
  • Security Implementation
  • Audit, Governance and Policy Implementation
  • Help Desk/Ticket Process and Escalation Implementation

Ensuring Your NetSuite Transformation Objectives are Met:

  • IT Services Management (ITSM)
  • ERP System Upgrade(s)
  • ERP Application Support
  • ERP Infrastructure Support
  • ERP Customization Management
  • ERP System Control
  • ERP Business Analyst Support
  • ERP Help Desk

Accelerating Your NetSuite Benefits Across the Business:

  • Business Analytics/Intelligence
  • Overall Business and Process Performance
  • Data Governance
  • Executive Insights
  • AI Decision Science
  • IT Services Management (ITSM)

Creating Additional NetSuite Advantage:

  • IT Services Management (ITSM)
  • ERP Solution Optimization
  • ERP Functional and Process Education
  • Overall Enterprise/Business Performance Optimization

Securing Long-term NetSuite Sustainability:

  • IT Services Management (ITSM)
  • KPI Creation, Oversight and Reporting
  • ERP Health Check
  • Business Health Check
  • Log Management and Reporting
  • File System and Directory Oversight
  • Upgrade/Patch/Fix Testing & Promotion
  • ERP Upgrade Performance Measurement
  • Access Management Upgrade Outcomes
  • Update/Fix/Patch Performance Measurement
  • Operating System Performance
  • License Management and Compliance
  • RDMS Optimization
  • Functional and Process Optimization
  • SaaS and On-Prem Environment Optimization
  • Configuration Optimization
  • Audit Optimization
  • Backup/Disaster Recovery Process Optimization
  • Solutions, Functionality, Platform, Performance Improvement Recommendations

PCG Unlocks the Suite with

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PCG’s Performance Optimization service is designed around helping NetSuite-based businesses get the most out of their investment and environments. Download our brochure and explore how you can benefit!

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Get the most out of your NetSuite investment.

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Achieve real, tangible business sustainability.


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