The Industry 4.0
Operating System

PCG brings technology, skills, experience and leadership to successfully transition and optimize businesses to Industry 4.0.

Making Industry 4.0 a Reality.

Why an Industry 4.0 Operating System?

Industry 4.0 can be confusing due to an abundance of definitions and an over-promising of benefit.—leaving many to wonder how to pragmatically evaluate, adopt, implement and benefit from Industry 4.0 within their business.

PCG’s I4.OS™ makes Industry 4.0 a reality through a crisp definition, pragmatic application of technology, implementation that minimizes disruption to people, time and budget, giving way to benefit optimization and realization.

PCG’s I4.OS bridges the gap between current business and technology realities and Industry 4.0 advantages through:

  • I4.OS Maturity Assessments—Baselining the business, prioritized roadmaps and strategies for Industry 4.0 realization.
  • I4.OS Technologies—Identifying, validating and selecting the needed technologies that make Industry 4.0 a reality from “the shop floor to the top floor.”
  • I4.OS Implementation—Making Industry 4.0 a reality within your business from change mangement, project management, integration, testing, rollout, user training and documentation of new Industry 4.0 business platforms.
  • I4.OS Optimization—Taking Industry 4.0 business to the next level of performance, functional and business process advantage, information integration and advanced analytics and making IoT, AI and machine learning an integral part of your business.

PCG’s I4.OS is your answer to pragmatic, business driven business sustainability advantage within your industry and with your customers.

I4.OS Benefits—

  • Clarity of understanding and path forward
  • Practical technology application
  • Integration of the business for new advantage
  • Smooth migration with minimal disruption
  • Adoption of leading edge capabilities, with ease
  • An integrated business
  • New process and insights for opportunity
  • On-time, on-budget predictability

View the Industry 4.0 OS

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PCG presents Industry 4.0 for Manufacturing and Distribution Companies.

Because every business is a little different, Industry 4.0 is never available in an “out of the box” manner. PCG’s I4.OS™ solution solves this challenge by bridging the gap between today’s reality and tomorrow’s advantage.


PCG I4.OS™ solution brings Industry 4.0 sustainability and resiliency to business.

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