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The Smart Factory

The Smart Factory?

One doesn’t need to look too closely to see that technology has profoundly impacted how businesses and factories operate. The application of technology is making the process of manufacturing increasingly intelligent and dynamic, leading to “smart factories.”

The smart factory happens within the four walls of your plant or operations. The smart factory combines production, information, communication, equipment, people and automation to integrated the entire manufacturing process.


  • Work Order Selection
  • Materials Management
  • Digital Work Instruction
  • Bar Code Scanning and Label Printing
  • Labor Reporting
  • II0T Connectivity
  • Machine Monitoring, Machine-to-Machine Interaction
  • Compliance Management (GMP, HACCP, CFR, etc.)
  • Analytics, Dashboards and Operating Reports
  • Production Insights


The smart factory isn’t a single technology or product. It is a portfolio of applications that extends native NetSuite functionality to provide robust manufacturing capabilities to drive better production, improved profitability and new competitive advantage.


Key elements of Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing for NetSuite are:
    • Machine Integration and edge devices via the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
    • The cloud for scale, security and cost effectiveness
    • NetSuite integrations through an out-of-the-box connection to transactional data, workflows and processes
    • SuiteAnalytics for real-time production optimization, insight and profit opportunity identification
    • “No-code” extensibility by leveraging proven TULIP™ “no-code” technologies for easy integration of new functionality

Watch the demo video below:

PCG’s innovative Industry 4.0 and SMART FACTORY for NetSuite solutions bring together and harness the power of information from manufacturing equipment, business processes, the supply chain, innovation and product design efforts, along with financial information, to give you a complete picture of the business—leading to fast, accurate decisions and a more profitable operation.

PCG’s Industry 4.0 solution is a comprehensive, proven suite of technical and business knowledge, manufacturing platforms (from back office to the shop floor), process and information experience, models and methods that are designed for speed, accuracy and lower project cost and a track record of customer success around the world.

If you seek to extend your manufacturing business and NetSuite technology platform into Industry 4.0 the SMARTFACTORY for NetSuite is the only solution available today.

Start your Industry 4.0 journey with PCG.

Manufacturing Sustainability for NetSuite.

Implementing, integrating, optimizing and adapting end-to-end technologies for your business.

“Out-of-the-box” business technology platforms aren’t always designed for advanced or complex manufacturing needs.
PCG’s SMART FACTORY for NetSuite solution quickly and effectively solves this challenge.

Get the manufacturing information, decision, process, integration and profitability control you seek.


SMART FACTORY for NetSuite solution brings additional sustainability and resiliency to manufacturing.

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