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PCG harnesses the power of mobility, artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, data integration, product and maintenance applications to extend your business.


You Can Achieve a New Business and ERP Edge.

Leading ERP solution providers work hard at delivering the most comprehensive “out of the box” functionality possible. They succeed in achieving this goal most of the time. Sometimes, though, an industry or business has a unique requirement—one that only an additional, “edge” application can solve. Most can implement a stand-alone ERP system. But the value, complexity, uniqueness and competitive advantage often comes through “best of breed” or edge solutions integrated with the ERP system.

PCG’s innovative SustainabilityEDGE services solve the issues of extending ERP functionality to satisfy industry-specific and customer-driven requirements not found in typical “out of the box” ERP platforms. PCG solves the issue of planning, implementation and maintenance of extended ERP environments, whether on-premise or in the cloud. Combined, businesses are ensured the solution they need, every time.

PCG ensures you have a complete ERP platform and business solution. A complete ERP system encompasses industry-specific processes, flows, best practices, data and technology—often only available through edge solutions. PCG is the trusted source for ensuring your ERP and edge applications deliver what you need, where you need it.

PCG’s SustainabilityEDGE services are a comprehensive, proven suite of technical and business knowledge, deep ERP platform, process and information experience, models and methods that are designed for speed, accuracy and lower project cost and a track record of customer success around the world.

PCG is the only logical ERP edge application consulting, implementation and optimization choice. Don’t make a costly mistake when extending your ERP platform. Go with the right partner. Choose PCG.

SustainabilityEDGE Benefits—

  • Extending your ERP platform to where you need it most
  • Integrating information and processes for increased velocity
  • Getting the most out of your ERP and information investments
  • Tuning your ERP environment to your exact requirements
  • Seeing opportunity before your competition does
  • Solving information, eCommerce, mobility supply chain, maintenance and enterprise challenges for new advantage.Knowing the upgrade meets your requirements
  • Best-in-class, simplified processes
  • Deep, rich, proven skill and experience to ensure success


A Comprehensive Edge Solution Architecture

Extending the Leading ERP Platforms.

Enhancing reach, capability, performance, integration and intelligence for greater business value and sustainability.

Comprehensive and “out of the box” ERP platforms are terrific.
In fact, they solve most of the common business requirements with ease.

Sometimes a business needs more than the “out of the box” ERP platforms can deliver.


PCG SustainabilityEDGE services extend your ERP solution to new value and benefit.

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