Industry 4.0
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Integrating businesses from the top floor to the shop floor for end-to-end operational and cost control.


Manufacturing Challenges:

  • 95% of manufacturing executives do not have complete, cross-enterprise integration of their information
  • 83% of manufacturing business can’t determine the cost of operational downtime
  • 76% of manufacturing companies have no access to real-time information
  • 61% manually produce reports, combining data from different systems
  • Only 12% have the information and tools to do production issue root cause analysis

*Industry 4.0 Survey, 2020

Integrating the business from the shop floor to the top floor.

Manufacturers and suppliers face increasingly complex requirements for materials, components, inventory management and supply chain integration.

With tight margins and increasing pressure for innovation and new products moving beyond traditional ERP becomes critical to future success.

At the intersection of demand and profitability is Industry 4.0, MES and integrated analytics that put you in control of your shop floor, back office, supply chain information and information for making the right investment and operational decisions.

PCG’s innovative Industry 4.0 and MES services bring together and harness the power of information from manufacturing equipment, business processes, the supply chain, innovation and product design efforts, along with financial information, to give you a complete picture of the business—leading to fast, accurate decisions and a more profitable operation.

PCG’s Industry 4.0 solution is a comprehensive, proven suite of technical and business knowledge, manufacturing platforms (from back office to the shop floor), process and information experience, models and methods that are designed for speed, accuracy and lower project cost and a track record of customer success around the world.

PCG is the only logical Industry 4.0 and MES choice for consulting, implementation and optimization of your manufacturing business. Don’t make a costly business and implementation mistake. Go with the right partner. Choose PCG.

SustainabilityMES Benefits—

  • Real-time insights from the shop floor to the back office
  • Detailed performance and KPI reports to find new improvements
  • Sophisticated visualizations for better production control
  • Automated incident alerting for fast corrective actions
  • Integration from machines to ERP and analytics
  • Mobility through smart device support

Partner Information—

The platforms and partnerships that support SustainabilityMES.

Manufacturing Sustainability on These Leading Platforms.

Implementing, integrating, optimizing and adapting end-to-end technologies for your business.

Comprehensive and “out of the box” ERP platforms weren’t designed for complex manufacturing requirements.
PCG’s Industry 4.0 solutions quickly and effectively solves this challenge.

Get the manufacturing information, decision, process, integration and profitability control you seek.


PCG SustainabilityMES solutions bring sustainability and resiliency to manufacturing.

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