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Ensuring around-the-clock technical, functional and operational support for mission-critical applications and business sustainability.

India Competency Center

Adopting and supporting new technology within a business is hard work. There are challenges around internal inertia, knowledge gaps, time allocation and the disruption that change creates.

PCG overcomes these challenges for businesses around the world through our Competency Center—India (CCI).

The PCG CCI is an independent resource that allows you to focus on your core business, without the traditional interruptions due to technology adoption, development, rollout and optimization. The CCI provides the necessary and skilled development and support resources that compliment your internal teams to deliver operational success, business sustainabililty and competitive advantage to  your company.

The CCI “works while you sleep,” around the clock, developing, testing and implementing the business solutions you need, all localized to your unique requirements.

The bottom line? Your IT resources remain focused on your most important business needs while the CCI cost-effectively and securely lowers your risk by:

  • Reducing stoppages due to resolution delays
  • Increasing confidence with the right support skills and experience
  • Eliminating support turnover challenges

The PCG CCI is specially staffed, managed and developed around the issues of delivering business sustainability, Industry 4.0 success and acceleration of digital transformation success everywhere in the world.

PCG CCI Benefits—

  • Cost effective operational acceleration and support
  • Faster development and rollout schedules
  • Optimization of existing environments
  • Shared responsibility with your team
  • Keeping your business “open for business”
  • Business and process scalabililty and flexibility
  • Budget and schedule predictability
  • Tight focus by keeping you aligned with your core business
  • Greater user productivity and performance
  • Better security and technology performance
  • Lowered business risk

Traditional development and support happens within your business leading to higher cost and greater distraction.


Competency Center—India keeps your business focused and “open” by taking on the development, support and optimization burden.


PCG CCI is the best operational support available.

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