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A Digital Transformation Reality.

The Business Transformation Challenge

There is a reality when it comes to digital transformation. Projects tend to suffer from repeated failure. In fact, a  series of studies point out that:

  • 5% of digital transformation project succeed
  • 20% of digital transformation efforts achieved 50% of business expectation
  • 63% of companies settled for value dilution and mediocre performance

Further, a Gartner study** revealed the following:

  • 75-95% of business transformation projects fail to meet objectives
  • 50% of project management offices fail
  • 55-75% of ERP implementation suffer from time and/or cost overruns

Digital and business transformation failure jeopardizes business sustainability.

Other Industry Statistics:

  • Current business models won’t survive: 92%
  • Failure rates of change programs: 70-80%
  • Success rates of IT implementations: 29%
  • Project time slippages: 73%
  • Unable to measure any value: 70%
  • A lack insufficient skill or experience: 52%
  • Dissatisfaction with outcomes: 75%

Sources: Accenture, Bain, Gartner, Others

Business Sustainability Answer.

The Transformation Success Answer—

Digital and business transformation success, that delivers business sustainability, looks very different by having:

  • Consistency & Alignment: business expectations and outcomes aligned with technical capabilities and delivery
  • Simplicity: reduced technology, process and project complexity
  • Predictability: on-time and on-budget projects that meet or exceed business expectation and requirement
  • Business Value Contribution: projects that deliver real, tangible and monetizable business value—every time
  • Clarity: no technology, platform, application, functionality, integration information and process confusion
  • Increased Velocity: technical platforms that allow businesses to transact at the speed of the market and customer
  • Minimized or No Disruption: a transformation result that accelerates and adds new value to the business instead of causing disruption or interruption to ongoing operations

In short, the right digital and business transformation solution eliminates failure while bringing new business sustainability, acceleration and advantage.

This is the world of PCG.

PCG Leads Business Transformation.

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PCG was founded by seasoned, industry-leading professionals that realized the need for high-quality, proven and successful services that directly overcome the gap between business expectation/requirement and technology outcome/capability. PCG leadership came from varied backgrounds, across numerous companies, bringing together the strongest and experienced team to deliver industry-leading technology implementation services.

Unlike the statistics above, PCG has a rich history of:

  • Delivering projects on time and on budget—100% of the time
  • Providing strategic business and technology direction, through implementation, to long-term maintenance and optimization
  • Maintaining long-term customer relationships, some going back decades
  • Never over-promising and under-delivering
  • Always applying the right technology to solve the known and expected business problem or challenge
  • Maintaining and growing key OEM vendor relationships for deep product knowledge to assist our customers
  • Creating proven “gap” IP to solve integration, reporting and analytic challenges
  • Being the “go to” trusted advisor to our customers, no matter their stage or technology lifecycle


PCG = Digital Transformation Success = Business Sustainability.

Business sustainability through predictable digital and business transformation. Only available from PCG.

Let’s Create a Sustainable Business. Together.

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